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The Electricity Price hikes and the never-ending rise in the fuel prices are just enough reasons to go Solar. EMHT Energy understands your complete requirement and offers the most economical solution harnessing the sun power.

EMHT Energy offers various solar solutions to suit every site.

Off Grid Solar System

An Off Grid solar system is usually a system comprising of the renewable energy device with batteries. These systems have a battery bank used to store the energy. This is a preferred solution for all sites with power outages or poor grid connectivity.

Off Grid Solar System

On Grid Solar System (Grid-tied)

On Grid Solar System (Grid-tied)

This system involves an intelligent technology used in inverters to match the voltage and frequency of the grid and the energy produced is directly fed into the internal grid. This does not require a set of batteries since there is no storage required.

This is the most popular system used in India since it is used by many corporates to augment their grid supplied power.

Lots of benefits are attached to this system as this is non polluting, which allows many corporates and industries to go green. These systems are most cost efficient in the long run.

On grid & Off grid Hybrid System

This is a combination of the off grid and the grid tied system. Many customers prefer to use the on grid portion of the solution while the peak load is high during the day and the sun is available. When the requirement still exists for a system to produce power afterhours which means at times when sun is not available, some parts of the solar system provided is connected to batteries. The Off Grid part of the hybrid solution saves the power in the battery for later use.

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