Wind Turbine & Solar Hybrid System

Among the cleanest and most convenient forms of alternative energy is wind power. With many of us moving towards green solutions for our electricity needs, wind turbines make a very good option for lighting up our houses, small industries, farm houses, bungalows, where good wind speed is available.

EMHT Energy works on offering a hybrid solution to customers where the wind speed is variable and sunlight is plenty. The hybrid systems are designed on an individual need and requirements. It’s the best combination of wind turbines and the solar power solutions. Areas with minimum wind speed of 4-6 meters per second enable us to combine the wind power and the sun power to arrange a hybrid system at the customer site.

Our team puts together a model which is feasible according to the customer’s requirement and budget.

What We Do

EMHT Energy follows a structured approach to offers the right solution at the sutaible sites. The process involves a feasibility study, model delegation, micrositing, installation and finally the most important world class after service.

Feasibility Study

  • Analyze Customer Data
  • Check Wind Speed
  • Check Location

Model Delegation

  • Plug in the data
  • Derive the suitable solution


  • Site Visit
  • Live Analysis
  • Reporting back to office


  • Installation team at the site
  • Complete the installation
  • Take Customer Feedback
  • Leave site

After Service

  • Site Visits
  • Precautionary Measures taken
  • Customer Care team follow-ups

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